Minute Facelift dramatically reduces wrinkles, lifts and tightens your skin within minutes and lasts for couple of hours. A natural and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery, Minute Facelift is a scientifically created formula, that tightens skin and gives more youthful appearance immediately, at the same time, delivering natural and nourishing anti-aging ingredients that result in radiant and younger complexion overall.

Visible benefits:
•    Tightening effect of the skin on face, neck and hands
•    Significant wrinkle reduction
•    Lifted appearance of sagging skin
•    Evens out skin tone

Contains effective anti-aging, natural and regenerative ingredients such as:
•    Seaweed Extract
•    Hyaluronic Acid
•    Peptide complex
•    Squalene
•    Aloe Leaf
•    Arnica
•    Chamomile
•    Rose Hip
•    Cucumber Extract
•    Red Tea
•    Sage

Category: Flawless Face

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