How To Mix A Candy Corn Cocktail Perfect For Your Halloween Parties

When I was younger, I lovedcelebrating Halloween. Every year,I would plan out mycostume and trick-or-treating routeweeks in advance. When it fell on a weekend, I’d have all my friends stay the night, and when we finished collecting all our sweets, we would lay around in our sleeping bags telling scary stories and trading candy with one another.

Now that I’m an adult, the holiday just isn’t quite as fun.

This year, I’ve decided that I would do something about it and make Halloween something to look forward to again, so I decided to throw my own Halloween party!

I’ve got my costume narrowed down to a few really cool and scary looks that involve using a lot of makeup, and I’ve already bought my gloves to make creepy candy bags.

Now that I’ve seen this video, I also know what my signature cocktail for the night will be and I know my guests are going to love it!

Inspired by the delicious candy corn that is everywhere during this holiday, this cocktail uses sour mix, pineapple juice, whipped cream vodka, and grenadine to turn a “kid’s candy” into something a little more adult appropriate. And you can’t forget the whipped cream on top!

Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/candy-corn-cocktail/

Category: Makeup

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