No one does Halloween like these 8 beauty bloggers


Halloween is oneholidaywhere it’s normal, even encouraged, to be somethingyourenot. So,for the top beauty bloggersand nail art influencers in the business, its their busiest, most creative time of year. Vocativ analyzed conversations around #HalloweenMakeup and #HalloweenNailArt to discover which makeup andspecial effects pros the beauty-obsessedwere flocking to the most for spooky and sweet inspiration.

Nail art experts find mega followings on Instagram, where uploads at@badgirlnailsand@mrswhite8907net as much as100comments and 22,000likes per post.

Those willing to turnthese Halloween looks into ghoulish realities turn to YouTube stars likePromise TamangandAlex Faction. Their legendary tutorials provide viewers with the steps necessary to transform into popular characters likeFrozensElsa, classic vampires and werewolves, and evencelebrities like Miley Cyrus. Its normal for profileslike Tamang’s to see anywhere from 2 million to 13 million views per video.

To create this chopped-finger look, Jones starts by taping down two of her fingers, then applies flesh wax with a clear makeup adhesive to make nubs. Small metal spatulas serve to smooth out and blend the wax. She creates a fake bone and uses tools like paintbrushes and toothpicks (dipped in Vaseline, to produce smoother results) to add lifelike elements such as knuckle lines, cut marks and natural-looking skin texture.

Additional yellow, pink and red paints make the skin look bruised and mottled, and Jones cuts up acrylic nails to give that shattered/torn nail look. Thicker gel blood is the last and most gruesome element to be added, finalizing the creation.

Twentyone-year old aspiring makeup artist Tagen Crossley has been experimenting with creative looks since she was 12. Shes working towards making her passion a career, and gets a handful of clients around Halloween.

HerTumblr pagehighlights her best work, thoroughlytransforming her everyday self into skeletons or zombies with gaping wounds gory enough to make anyWalking Deadfan cringe.Crossley says she even creates molds and prosthetics from scratch, perfecting the look she sets out to achieve.

Many of the experts behind the accounts work as makeup artists, or specialize in special FX styling for films, television and photo shoots.Victoria Raven, a makeup artist from Whitley City, Kentucky, sharesparticularly garish looks she’s prepared in time for Halloween.

Some though, like Stephanie from@halloweenmakeupideas, just create thesedifferent looks for fun.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! @madebyjordy @morehalloweenmakeupideas

A photo posted by Halloween Makeup Ideas (@halloweenmakeupideas) on Oct 18, 2015 at 8:09am PDT

“This account started with me looking for Halloween makeup ideas last yearthis led me to curate a beautiful page where people can tag their friends with Halloween makeup ideas without having to dig through the endless pit of photos under #halloweenmakeupideas.

Her initiative has been successful: over 637posts and 95,000followers later, her Instagram account is one of the first resources users find when looking for innovative makeup looks and inspiration.

Crossley provides a few tips for those looking to wow their Halloween squad:

“Plan out what youre looking to do, even if its just a small idea.Try and sort out what you will need before you try putting it all together. It can get really frustrating when youre trying to pull off really in-depth makeup and you realize you ran out of certain supplies. Research and look online for tutorials and how-tos. And take your time! I can’t tell you how many times I have messed up my makeup because I was trying to rush through it!”

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